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Annette's House Cleaning has been providing house cleaning services in the Phoenix and east valley area since 1989.  Annette Witt has clients who've trusted her to keep their homes clean and presentable for as long as 20 years.  The business was formerly located in Phoenix and has now relocated to the Gilbert area near Power and Pecos.  Annette was born and raised in Arizona and loves to clean. 

Annette's House Cleaning has clients that have engaged the service in cleaning their homes for as long as twenty years. 

"I find it's best to schedule a cleaning weekly or bi-weekly to keep a home in ship shape." Annette said recently when asked how often she recommends having her in. "Frequently the first cleaning will be a little more extensive than the follow-up visits".

Annette also tailors her service to the client's desires, for example her services can include fridge clean outs, tile scrubbing, and more in addition to the normal bathroom sanitizing, dusting, vacuuming and general tidying.

Call Annette today to arrange for a free in home estimate for your home and the unique services you would like.  Or just click here and leave a your phone number, Annette will take it from there!